• Image of Transplant Gift: Donor/Recipient "GOLDEN KIDNEY" SET

Donor/Recipient Transplant Gift Set. It is exactly like the all sterling silver set except that the recipient pendant has a Gold Plated kidney "added" on because transplants are GOLDEN! This golden kidney is lacquered to deter tarnish from the sterling underneath.

Each 1" long pendant is shaped like a kidney, but also forms half of a butterfly, symbolizing transformation, a perfect symbol for transplants as well.

The half with a kidney "removed," goes to the living donor/or a donor family member. The other half, with an "addition" of a kidney, goes to the recipient.

Pendant comes on 18" chains, but If you would like two different lengths, message me on your payment. I sometimes have 16" and 20" available, and will substitute either of those if they are in stock.

The pendants are packed together in one box on a backing card to give it the "Butterfly Effect" symbolizing transformation. Each pendant has its own kidney colored tulle drawstring bag, care sheet and information about my business and background. Please store inside the small zip bag which will deter tarnish.

I designed these sets and have them cast in sterling silver by a silversmith studio in Bali, Indonesia. The process to create them began with simple concept drawings, then a detailed scale drawing. Wax models are carved next and then casting, using the ancient lost wax method, and finally on to the many finishing details. Unforeseen wax and casting issues can arise. The process took 5 months and many phone calls & emails to get the details just right, but they came out exactly as I envisioned them.

The set will be shipped to you in a single box with the pendants carded together, as shown in one of the photos. Each pendant has a sterling chain and a small kidney colored tulle bag for storage. Store in the airtight zip bag provided to prevent sterling from tarnishing.
Pendant backsides are flat in case you want future engraving of a short phrase or date at your local jeweler. Suggestion: Engrave HERO on one perhaps!

International orders are priced for First Class shipping. If you need it faster and prefer Priority International, message me with email and your country's postal code and I will send you a separate paypal invoice with your order and the correct shipping. Priority generally runs between $28-$35 USD.